“My son was beaten by Police yesterday”


I received the following via email, with the subject line above:

He was walking to his apartment, while Haredim were demonstrating against the GayPride parade. He was just looking, while speaking to his mother on his cellphone.

All of a sudden, the sound of Police motorcycles were heard, and his cellphone went dead.

He called later to explain that the motorcycle Police grabbed him, threw him to the ground, and dragged him on the sidewalk with his feet. He protected his head from being beaten with Police truncheons by hold his hands above his head.

He started yelling “What do you want with me. I didn’t do anything.”

When they heard him speaking English, they asked each other in Hebrew; “Should we arrest him?”

They decided that, since he was an American, they should let him go to avoid trouble.

Since then, he is suffering from pains in his foot

Do you have a lawyer who would be willing to work pro-bono to sue the Police and contact the American embassy?

Such a lawsuit might teach the Police to be more respectful of human rights and not behave like common street thugs.

This is especially important now, since there will be a massive anti-GayParade demonstration on Friday, November 10, and I am concerned for the well-being of the participants.

Unfortunately, such a lawsuit would go nowhere. The son would need a dozen witnesses to even begin to counterbalance the willingness of Israeli police to circumvent the law when it suits them. This happens all the time.

But with this “Gay Parade” around the corner, police are arresting those putting up posters in protest, while still considering allowing the show to go on. It’s interesting how the police channel their anger towards only one side — interesting, but not surprising.

This is of a piece with a Jerusalem Post article yesterday, surrounding a survey that showed that 37 percent of Israelis consider the haredim the most hated group in Israel. At the outside, charedim constitute perhaps 10% of Israel’s population — yet the Jerusalem Post interviews Aharon Rose, a “researcher of haredi society and thought” at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who proceeds to blame the charedim themselves for inflating this number!

“Many believe that the leadership of the haredi world is happy about this,” Rose told The Jerusalem Post following the publication of the study on Tuesday. “According to this view, the perception of being hated helps them to keep their society separate from the general culture.”

Of course — the charedim just love it when the Supreme Court and Police demonstrate constant bias against charedi citizens’ rights, not to mention Jewish tradition. Everything makes sense now. When it comes to charedim, you can use the old “blame the victim” technique for everything — even hard numbers showing that secular Israel is biased against them.

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Bob Miller
8 years 10 months ago

How long before these special police become some official’s private political army? They’re no good against a real fighting army but have been well trained to beat up civilians. They have no place in the military and no place in a true professional police force. Disarm and disband them before it’s too late.

8 years 10 months ago

I agree: I want Israeli counterterrorism and security agencies to do everything necessary and possible to save innocent lives–including converting terrorists and their enablers into unidentifiable ash molecules.

But there is really no excuse for brutishness against ordinary Arabs in settings such as security checkpoints. If policemen have behaved indecently there using the same kind of thuggish superiority-by-uniform that they employ against Israeli Jews it’s a phenomenon that should be stopped. There’s no need for brutality that serves no security purpose. And Israel’s dire security situation is not an excuse for caving into natural battlefield temptations towards inhumanity. We really do have to be better than that.

Chareidi Leumi
8 years 10 months ago

Wow, so if Hillel is allowed to make a generalization like that, I guess it would be OK for me to start off a post saying; Given the recent terroristic behavior of the Chareidim in Jerusalem…

Of course I would never make such a generalization, but I’m truly surprised that R. Menken allowed this through.

Nevertheless, I’d like to address a couple of issues in Hillel’s post.

First abusing the Nazi metaphor in this way is a gross insult to the kedoshim of the Holocaust.

Second, whether the Arabs have a point or not is irrellevent. The soldiers who operate in Palestinian neighborhoods are doing what they do to save innocent lives. Nothing about what we are forced to do visa-vis the Palestinians is pleasant, but our lives are on the line. Believe me there has been a heck of a lot of abuse of Moslems in the past 5 years by US forces to prevent another 9/11. And you people wouldn’t have it any other way.

8 years 10 months ago

Given the recent jackbooted Nazi behavior of the Police in Jerusalem, I’m beginning to wonder: Do the Arabs have a point when they claim that innocent men, women, and children in their communities are being assaulted by police?