The Purim-Pesach Nexus


For most of us, two ideas dominate the connection between Purim and Pesach. Some of us remember the Rashi, whose “marbim besimcha” includes both Adar and Nisan. Others pragmatically take note of the kickoff of the serious avodah of preparing for zman cheiruseinu with the PPPPP – the post-Purim, pre-Pesach panic.

Now, there is another way to memorialize the kesher between these events:

[Hat tip to Dovi Adlerstein, Dallas]

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Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein
2 years 9 months ago


I would like to point out that this subject is very far from being a laughing matter.

As a Scottish Rabbi, I am constantly phone by Batei Din in Israel and elsewhere seeking my advice on the production and Kashrus of Single Malt whisky vis a vis the Sherry Cask question.

I am at great pains to point out the following.

Both Reb Moshe Zt’l and Dayan Weiss Zt’l wrote in Teshuvas of their lack of concern on this issue. There is also an accusation against those who insist that there is a problem, coincidentally wanting to supply a… Read more »

dr. bill
2 years 9 months ago

chareidim relying on a shittah (from a few rishonim), not brought le’halakha in the SA, that whiskey made from one of 5 minim of chametz is not chametz gamur. next thing you know, they will allow the heter mechirah for chametz gamur. and then. God knows where such liberalism leads.

i believe in zerizim makdimim and one needs to start drinking miyad after the taanis.

a freilichen Purim.

[YA – Do not forget that one can make a credible case for drinking Scotch being a kiyum of the mitzvah of Tashbisu, at least according to one approach]

Gary Goldberg
2 years 9 months ago

Would like more info,price sheet and where to order in time for Passover

[YA – Don’t you realize that this is an obvious sham? What Badatz would risk its integrity by putting their hechsher on anything with a visage of Ben-Gurion?]

2 years 9 months ago

another example of poor marketing, like the famous chevrolet not understanding why in spanish speaking neighborhoods the Nova [no va–it doesnt move]
wouldnt sell…. what haredi would ever buy a product with a picture/name of osso haish on it?

2 years 9 months ago

Very very cute.
Not sure if many homes will be serving this Glen Gurion – Dream whiskey except perhaps on the Fifth of Iyar.