Reading, Writing, and a New Periodical For the Jewish Home

The badchan at Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter’s wedding observed that the choson had learned in Satmar, Vien, Brisk and Lakewood, whose roshei teivos (sovel) indicated that he was a man of tolerance. Many people would regard serial immersions in such different cultures as equivalent to jumping rapidly between the hot mikvah in Boro Park and the frigid one. Thinking about it is enough to give people a migraine. Yitzchok Frankfurter (YF), however, found it exhilarating – and it shaped the mission statement of the new Orthodox glossy that is moving into markets across America and Canada.

Together with his wife, Rechy, he runs Ami from a non-descript building in Brooklyn’s frum heartland. Waiting for my wife to conclude last-minute preparations before the chasuna of our son, I battled traffic and impatience to meet them in person. They had both been with Mishpacha prior to starting their own publication. I had dealt many times with Rechy in the past. I had become a strong fan; it is hard not to be overwhelmed by a mother of seven who personally presided over multiple sections of a large weekly, sends you emails at 2AM, and brought a level of technical and literary excellence … Read More >>

What Is Going On at UCI?

By Dov Fischer

I live in Irvine and have been a congregational rabbi and community activist here for more than five years. Because I grew up on the East Coast, have traveled all across America, and also have practiced as a high-stakes litigation attorney for a decade as well, I approach the subject informed when describing the environment at UCI as one of the most Jewishly hostile campus environments in America. I do not endorse, and I even oppose, a national Jewish student boycott of UCI. Yet I personally know Jewish undergraduates whom I could not convince to apply here because of the Jew-hatred. It will take a mix of a stronger Jewish student presence, an overhauled approach to campus Jewish leadership, and a more sensitized campus administration to turn the tide.

UCI is best known in American Jewish life for the vicious Hate Week that descends on campus the middle of May each year. Sponsored by the Muslim Student Union (MSU), the Hate Week falsely, libelously, and slanderously compares Israel to Nazi Germany and Israel’s people to Nazis. The MSU, with campus funds taken from fees that every UCI undergraduate is compelled to pay, sponsors the … Read More >>