Reb Moshe on Voting


The enclosed letter, from Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, remains as relevant today as it was two decades ago. In summation: Vote!

Letter from R Moshe on Voting

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9 years 21 days ago

Ori #3,
Politicians are aware of voter turnout in the various districts. So even an uninformed vote helps to lend greater gravity to Jewish communal issues in future elections.

Michael #4,
You have to know how to read between the lines. He endorsed Santorum without making Democratic enemies.

9 years 24 days ago

Re comment #1.

In 1984 the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York was conducting a voter registration campaign. Rav Feinstein was approached and replied enthusiastically. He always voted, even in public school board elections. I am honored to have the original letter in my files.

9 years 24 days ago

About comment #2
Where in the article does it mention that R. Kamenetsky endorsed Santorum?

Ori Pomerantz
9 years 24 days ago

Wouldn’t voting only be virtuous if you take the time to understand the major issues and decide which choice is better? The quality of the government is not related to the number of voters, but to the percentage of voters who make the right choices.

9 years 25 days ago

So many of our Torah sages have delineated the obligation to vote. What is sad is how many of my neighbors are not even registered to vote.

With a very important presidential election coming up, I have to ask, how the words of our great Rabbanim be emphasized and put into action so that we can get our young people not only registered to vote, but actually get them to the polls?

I guess you have to start by getting young people to register to vote. Would Yeshivas be open to a community members helping bochurim register to… Read more »

9 years 25 days ago

What was the background that prompted Rav Moshe to release this letter?