A Jewish Answer to Neturei Karta


This answer was just posted to JewishAnswers yesterday. I don’t know who wrote it, but it could have been most anyone in the JewishAnswers group.

I would be interested to know what you think of this video involving Neturei Karta?

The video you referenced disturbed me greatly. If you will allow me a moment, I am going to get on my soap box here:

I don’t have an issue with someone being pro or con the establishment of the State of Israel. As Americans we are taught to respect those who differ with us, as students of Torah we are taught the same thing. However, the issue I do have with these people is consorting with those who delight in killing Jews. For that I see no excuse, nor do I have anything but the greatest of contempt for such people. Feeling that there are religious reasons that there shouldn’t be a state before the coming of the Messiah, is not an excuse to encourage those who are sworn to kill Jews!

Additionally, if the reporter was correct that they seemed to acquiese with the Arab denial of the Holocaust, then their behavior is obscene. You can tell what sort of people they must be if they are willing to lower themselves like that in order to ingratiate themselves with an anti-Semite.

That said I wish to assure you that these people represent no one but themselves, and, thank G-d, there are only a handful of them. Their attitudes and behavior are not indicative of the outlook of the overwhelimng majority of Orthodox and Hassidic Jews.

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60 Responses

  1. Dovy says:

    I don’t understand the hysteria of frum Zionists. Look, Zionists have all the arms, all the media, all the lobbies, all the rabbis, all the Congress, all the money. Why are you so afraid of a relatively tiny group of people who refuse to bow to the Zionist Baal? Why do they have to sound like Haman, who said “Kol Zeh Eyno Shoveh Li”?? Ve-hamayvin yovin……….

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Reagrding Comment #58

    I meant they get no free pass from people like us!

    Obviously, their own sympathizers in the press whitewash them.

  3. HILLEL says:

    To Bob Miller:

    You said anti Israel professors get a free pass “only in dreams.”

    Here is a “free-pass” column from one of the most prestigious columnists in Israel, Larry Derfner, writing in one of the most prestigious newspapers in Israel, The Jerusalem Post:


  4. Tal Benschar says:

    “To all anti-NK’niks:

    Why do these “post-Zionist” professors get a free pass, while you fulminate on the NK?

    Comment by HILLEL”

    One word answer: Torah.

    One group accepts it and claims to live by it. So those of us who also accept it and live by it are calling them on the carpet for endangering Jewish lives and sterngthening the hands of those who, if they had the chance, would commit — let’s not mince words — Holocaust II. And if they believe otherwise, then they perfectly illustrate the Chofetz Chaim’s quip that one fool can do more damage than 10 reshaim.

    The other group does not accept the Torah, so there the discussion is more fundamental or at least on a completely different plain.

  5. john rose says:

    Author Yakov Rabkin in his comments above is disingenuous. He wrote a whole book about NK’s opposition to Zionism but falsely claimed this was “Judaism.” Rabkin is an active promoter of the death of Israel and appears in Canada, the United Kingdom and Switzerland with NK “rabbis” and Palestinian Arab fanatics singing this tune. He claims to be Orthodox, but came to Canada from the Soviet Union in 1973 and learnt his Judaism from a Catholic priest. Because of his vile hatred of the Jewish state of Israel, no yeshiva or synagogue in Montreal allows him to pray there.

  6. Ori Pomerantz says:

    Hillel, I think it’s because blatantly secular professors do not cause Chilul Hashem. Religious Jews do (in general, without getting into the question of whether what NK does is Chilul Hashem). Also, members of each group need to police their own. I’m sure very few people in Israeli universities censure NK – they are irrelevant to them. Similarly, very few Orthodox Jews would see the need to censure post-Zionist professors, unless they were in the same faculty.

  7. Bob Miller says:

    Hillel, the professors get a free pass? Only in dreams.

  8. HILLEL says:

    To all anti-NK’niks:

    Why do these “post-Zionist” professors get a free pass, while you fulminate on the NK?

  9. Bob Miller says:

    I think that what Ari calls “mainstream NK” (Comment #51 above) no longer identify themselves specifically as NK, and they now use other organizational names.

  10. ari says:

    I heard a comment from Rav zev leff, on his website that this small group is diowned even by NK, and that while this group are obviously demented they should not be confused with mainstream nk who may be vigorously anti-zionist but don’t try to harm jews and violate halacha.