Israel Election Results (Updated Periodically)


Jerusalem Post says turnout reached 63%, while Channel 2 says 62%.

With 99.67% of the votes now counted, JPost and Israel National News report:
28 Kadima, 20 Labor, 13 Shas, 12 Israel Beiteinu, 11 Likud, 9 NU/NRP (Mafdal), 7 Pensioners, 6 UTJ, 4 Meretz, and 10 to the Arab parties.

Uri Bank of Mafdal (NU-NRP) speaking to the Jewish Agency webcast, expressed serious disappointment: the right wing is not large enough to prevent the formation of a Kadima-Labor government, which means the West Bank withdrawal proposed by Ehud Olmert is likely to go through.

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1 Response

  1. Bob Miller says:

    Draw no conclusions from anything other than the actual, physical vote tally. There may also be challenges after the fact if any ballot box stuffing, etc. is alleged.